est. 1991

She hails from the M in the DMV. A Maryland born, West African raised, Brooklyn based Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Anime Enthusiast.

Attended The University of Maryland College Park where she received a BA in Graphic Design and Psychology (don't worry she won't psychoanalyze you I swear).

She is one of the growing number of human beings who seek inclusive and innovative spaces to explore art and creativity in meaningful and fun ways. As a strong believer in communication through creativity, she truly feels she has found her rightful place in the world of design.

As a designer she has worked on a myriad of projects including branding and identity, packaging, environmental design, and advertising within a range of print and web media outlets.


Sab can always be reached by email at and genuinely looks forward to hearing from you


HOW Magazine International Design Awards, 2015 (Cooksimple Rebrand)

PRINT Magazine Regional Design Annual, 2014 (Cooksimple Rebrand)

American Graphic Design Award Winner, 2015